3D Printing with Blender for Angela Merkel

This year started off really interesting.
After lots of training projects and a new Cycles and Compositing DVD that will be out soon I started to do some modeling for 3D printing, ordered by a 3D printing company based  in Leipzig (www.realityservice.de)
They get a lot of different requests and jobs, with different topics, and as a freelancer I can do some of the modeling work, while RealityService gets the printing done. Some people want to have 3d prints of certain flowers, others want some architectural visualization, and some companies want to have their game characters 3D printed, like for example Wooga.

Wooga is ‘one of the largest social game developers for web and mobile in the world’, based in Berlin. During the last months I transferred some of their 2d game characters to 3d models, using Blender’s excellent toolset of polymodelling functions as well as the powerful sculpt mode. The interactive Cycles Viewport Rendering was a great way to generate previews for the client.

I’m very much looking forward to Blender 2.67, for which Campbell Barton is developing tools specifically made for 3d Printing. That will make it possible to measure the volume of a mesh, check wall thickness, do automatic mesh cleanup and more.
During the last 2 months me and René Hänsel, a colleague of mine, modelled 3 characters, and did the cleanup and printability improvements for a 4th character that the client provided.

As a little extra these 4 characters where then put on a small platform. Last week, during Cebit, the German chancellor Angela Merkel visited Wooga in Berlin, where the 3d print of the 4 characters made by realityservice was presented to her as a gift.

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel with 3D Modell © f.büttner/wooga

Isn’t that awesome? A Blender modelled 3d print in the hands of Angela Merkel? I don’t know, I think that’s pretty cool. :)

More images here: http://www.rapidobject.com/de/Referenzen_Showroom/3D_Projekte_9082.html?sid=Sf1Urnop1bvIXqYsI74JZPjqiSThmvhQ

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2 Responses to “3D Printing with Blender for Angela Merkel”

  1. bandariz Says:

    The woman responsible of destroy the european economy, great!
    Next step for the Blender Community, a open movie financed by Golden Dawn!

  2. Joel Godin Says:

    That’s pretty cool Sebastian. Kind of gives you the feeling your on the forefront doesn’t it.
    The crest of the next wave.

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