Training DVD: Rendering & Compositing

It’s already been a while, but still I want to announce my new German Training DVD form Galileo Press: “Das Blender Training: Rendering & Compositing”.

Blender Training DVD

You’ll learn everything about Cycles, Pathtracing, LightBounces, Node-Materials, Compositing Render-Passes, VFX, Tracking and much more.
The DVD was recorded with Blender 2.66, but it will also work for 2.67 and 2.68.
You can get it at Amazon for about 36€.

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2 Responses to “Training DVD: Rendering & Compositing”

  1. Reavenk Says:

    Any plans for an English release?

  2. sebastian Says:

    Sorry, these ones are only in German, and I don’t know about any plans on the publisher’s side to provide any translation. So maybe this is a good chance to learn german ;)

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