Tutorials // Modeling a fly in Blender


This is the first part of a tutorial about modeling a fly in Blender.
The other parts of the tutorial will be added soon and will cover rigging, hair editing, shading and rendering.
I used text-overlays for explanations.
So if you need more time to read the text, simply pause the video (hint: spacebar!)
I'd recommend to watch in HD.
If you want to get an idea of the whole process first, you can watch the timelapse-video below.


The following video is a timelapsed version of the whole modeling process of the fly.


The screenrecording itself was done for Steve Gormley aka VJSteveG, who will be using the footage / timelapse in his work.
The whole process took about 3-4 days.
Music: Doctor Strangelove // jamendo.com/de/album/6478