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Blenducation: Projection Painting in Blender

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

On Tuesday, 2. June 2009 at 6pm EST I will be giving a new class about Projection Painting in Blender. Projection Paiting is one of the new features of the brandnew version of Blender 2.49, which just has been released recently(

With this new feature texturing in Blender has never been easier! Take your reference-images and paint them directly onto the mesh. Clone any perspective and any view of your model right onto the UV-Map. Need some alien-skin? No problem, set up some procedural textures and paint them onto the map. You can even take node-based textures and paint them onto the model. Just grab anything you like as an input, even normal-maps! And don’t worry about the seams. Projection-Paint will take care of that and automatically blend between seams.

This class will cover all you need to start painting your mesh with all kinds of textures.
Topics will be:
- unwrapping and projecting UVs from view
- setup multiple UV-layers
- use textures as brush-input
- use reference-images and “clone” them onto the main uv-map
- mix multiple images