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“Tears of Steel” – Blender Foundation Open Movie Teaser

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

After 4 months of  work the Mango Project team can finally present the teaser to the shortfilm “Tears of Steel” that will be finished end of August.

YouTube Preview Image

We have worked hard to get our pipeline to work and to create the tools we need to produce this movie. Since everything has to be done with Blender, the developers had to write the much needed tools for rotoscoping, masking and keying, as well as further develop the rendering system, compositor and physics tools. But it all starts coming together now and we think that we can actually finish it more or less in time.

For more information go to our website
Here’s a little timelapse of the keying workflow in Blender:
YouTube Preview Image

Google Geo User Summit 2011 in Barcelona

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

I was recently invited by Google to an international gathering of 3D artists in Barcelona!

In the three-day conference, the Google Geo Team gave the participants an insight into their work, ventured a forecast on the future development of the arising GeoWeb and unveiled planned enhancements for Geo3D applications. They also talked about about the origins of the idea of developing a 3d-globe like Google Earth (again Neal Stephensons´ mind-blowing sci-fi novel “SnowCrash” (1992) was mentioned – a must-read for every Cybernaut :) ) and what all of this has to with Google´s core business: Online Search…

The central aim of the conference was primarily the exchange among the participants: we presented our latest projects (look at ), tips and tricks were explained (I described my workflow how to import texture baked models into SketchUp/Google Earth), networking, discussing ideas with the Google team, and much more. Participants from Europe / Middle East / Africa (EMEA) were invited to take part in the conference, so next to all the nerdy techtalk it was an exciting meeting of cultures! And last not least it took place in one of the most beautiful cities: Barcelona – Basilica Sagrada Familia, Boulevard La Rambla, Barcelona Pavillon by Mies van der Rohe, Plaza Espanya, Olympic Games, FC Barcelona, Mediterranean Sea, beaches, palm trees… it was just great!

Bit of CG History : Worlds First 3D Rendered Movie (Pixar 1972)

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

In 1972 Ed Catmull (founder of Pixar) and his colleagues created the world’s first 3D rendered movie, an animated version of Ed’s left hand. This is the film that they produced. It includes some “making of” footage (around 1:30) and some other early experiments. via

The next Level of Design Development

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

3DZ shows Rapid Prototyping at upcoming HANSA event.


At the upcoming HANSA Computer Design & Visualisation event on May, 12′th I’ll showing how to mill 3D Objects with a small 3D desktop mill incorporating 3dsmax into the workflow. If you want to join us and get the latest news in rapid prototyping checkin here for the free HANSA Event:

HANSA 3D-VIZ & Prototyping Event – May, 12′th

How to Build a 3D Printer in 24 Hours

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

( The team at CASADave Flanders, Steven Gray, Ben o-Steen, Graham Klyne)


I just found a very interesting link about the idea of reproducing 3D printers with 3D printers ;-)

quoted from Digital Urban :

Last weekend the office here at CASA was taken over by the RepRap 3D printer build. The PayItForward team – a group of altruistic people who have RepRap machines, printing parts and gifting them to people who want to make a RepRap machine with the requirement that once the 3D printer is running, they print off a set and pass them on in the same fashion – came in and 24 hours later we had a 3D Printer. Below is a timelapse of the event:

The 3D printer is a thing of beauty, the next 24 hour build party is to be announced soon, watch the PIF3D announcement page and if you’d like to host your own print party sign up on the PIF3D wiki.

S3D & Digital Cinema

Saturday, February 12th, 2011


From time to time you have to push the limits and so we did. Without a question it’s a phantastic experience to see Hollywood blockbuster movies in stereoscopic 3D at the movie theatre. But one thing is even better… to see you own 3d animation at the big screen!

So we just rendered some stuff lying around with 3dsmax and finalrender Studio Edition at full 2K stereoscopic resolution and gave it to our friends at TFD Technischer Filmdienst.

TFD created a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) from our rendered 2K S3D 16bit TIFF filelist and voila: We got a true 12bit S3D DCP ready for playback on a Doremi DCP-2000 cinema server connected to a RealD equipped NEC D-Cinema projector.

What to say? Want this setup to review S3D content at the studio ;-)

Leak Removal the big brother of Rig Removal?

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Mathias Möhl from mamoworld will show you how to “really” switch off the Google Save Search filter and points to a completely new field of post services – the leak removal for web media…

Leak Removal at mamoworld…

Blender at CAVA 3D Conference

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

On November 25th I’ll be presenting Blender 2.5 on a 3D Conference here in Leipzig.

CAVA, the “Conference for Animation and Video Artists” is a new bi-annual event to gather 3D Artists and people working with CG in the area of eastern Germany and give them a platform to connect and get together. This time there will be 3 presentations, of which the first one will be about Blender and how you can take advantage of it by integrating it into your production pipeline. Hopefully I can convince one or two people there that Blender might in fact be something to consider as an option for their studio toolset. It takes place in the new Leipzig School of Design, which I can hopefully infiltrate with some Blender courses ;-)